Sunday, September 14, 2008

Everyone's an ARTIST in this damn town!

Everyone in this town is an artist!

I wish there were more accountants in Hudson - good, Jewish, accountants!

Guys who can do your taxes, reconcile your checkbook, and are still able to save up enough money for a condo in Lauderdale for the wintertime.


Keep dreaming, Trixie.

I've been trying to bring some good, solid, Long Island values to upstate New York for so long now (same state, light years away...). But, I'm reminded, this is Hudson, where EVERYONE is making some artsy, fartsy, blah, blah, blah...and I hear,

"You can't possibly understand the meaning of it Trixie, you're not an artist...."

Yeah, whatever.

Show me a man that can save me money on my taxes! Now, THAT'S a guy I'll hold onto!

Tax deductions are so fucking hot.

Artists? Feh! Dime a dozen.


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Kevin said...

So, that's where everyone went on Saturday. I had a nice night, but missed all of my favorites at the wine bar!
Looked like everyone had fun!