Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just dance in your underwear!


Hi Folks,

A big thank you to the BING BAMBOO ROOM BURLESQUE for a fabulous show on Saturday night!!

It was a fun night, for all who came out in spite of the hurricane.

I have more photos I'm going to post tonight, but there was one performer, Kyle, who came out in a Sumo-wrestler costume and danced to "Bootylicious".

Now...Kyle may not have a "stripper's" body, by our society's standard definitions...

But, she did it anyway, and had a BLAST! She brought her positive energy and a lot of fun to the party. Thank you!

I loved her.

She reminded me that you have to focus on the positive people in life - because there are PLENTY of negative people (especially in this town) but you can't let them get you down.

You just have to keep going. Keep trying.

And dance around in your underwear, singing "Bootylicious", and don't worry what other people say or think.

Life is a party.


Love ya,

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