Saturday, September 20, 2008

Of Course, the Hot Dog Eating Champ is ALSO an Artist!


Like I've said, it seems that everyone in this town is an artist.

Or, they are something SLASH artist.





You think I'm making this up, right?

No. I'm not that creative.

If you're in Catskill this evening, then stop by Terenchin Fine Art, Saturday, Sept. 20 6-8pm where my dear, close MARRIED friend, Andrew Amelinckx and artist Kara Thurmond are having an art opening.

(There might be free alcohol if you need another reason to go.)

And a big thank you for the person who let me know, that yes, there is at least ONE good Jewish accountant in Hudson!

THANK GOD! Not EVERYONE'S a fucking artist!

There's hope for this town, yet.

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