Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Opera House vs. The Whorehouse - Saturday, Oct 4th!

Saturday night, October 4th, the Hudson Opera House presents Percussia
contemporary chamber music ensemble of harp and percussion, October 4 at 8:00 p.m.

Now, I called the Opera House, and I was like, "Listen....I told you that I was doing a Chamber Music ensemble with harp and percussion at the next Trixie's Whorehouse party and how DARE YOU schedule the same thing on MY night in this town!!"

The nerve of some people.

Opera House or Whorehouse this Saturday? You decide.

Will they be wearing uniforms at the Opera House party?

Is there going to be a DJ?

Are you going to have gogo dancers, Mr. Opera-House-People?

Mr. La-Di-Dah?

Are you going to play Madonna?

Yeah, I didn't think so....

My recommendation...you go to the Opera House, show your face, pretend that you're all cultural and sophisticated and eat those finger cheese sandwiches without the crusts or whatever they got going on there.

(Air kiss, "Oh, that's so LOVELY, why yes, we re-modeled our kitchen in granite as well.").

When you're done with all that, walk up the block to Trixie's Whorehouse where you can get all drunk and wasted and wake up the next morning, crusty, in a stranger's bed, in a puddle of urine.

....and you thank GOD it's at least your OWN urine.

Listen Opera House People,
"Don't fuck with me, I've been to the rodeo!"

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