Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ANNE RUBIN Benefit Tonight at the Dot 6-9

Anne Rubin

Candidate for the

103rd Assembly District

Benefit at the Red Dot


October 14th 6-9pm

Anne is running against Marc Molinaro.

For more information on Anne, click HERE.

From the Hudson City Democratic committee:

Anne is pro-choice, and openly supports marriage equality. She fully understands the necessity a of smart green, local economy. She believes in smart growth, protecting our open spaces and our rural character while concentrating development in smaller areas with strong oversight by the local community. Creating support for local businesses and farms will benefit all families in the district, because they won’t have to travel so far to get what they need.

Anne Rubin will strongly support a circuit breaker law, which will limit the percentage of income that anyone will be expected to pay for property taxes. But beyond that, she will push for a complete change from property taxes to income taxes. Property taxes are regressive and outdated. Income taxes are the fairest system that we have for funding our schools & governments, with each person paying according to their actual means.

She will make a great Assembly Member.

The requested donation is just $25 and includes a great Red Dot Buffet.



Trixie said...

Ok, this is the plan for tonight.

Go to the RED DOT at 6pm, eat at the buffet.

Then, we all put our hair in curlers and run to the Common Council meeting at 7, and see if anyone notices.

Followed by a night of hot sex!

I think that's a PERFECT Tuesday night in Hudson...politics, curlers, sex, what more do you want?

Trixie said...

..and BY THE WAY, Ms. Rubin....

What's this property tax thing?

Does that mean that rich people in small houses will pay more than poor people in big houses?

How about taxing people for having children, as opposed to giving them a deduction!

I'm going to ask Ms. Rubin tonight to run the numbers for me and see how it that hair sets!

Trixie said...

OK, so I talked to Ms. Rubin's assistants last night, and yes, she wants to have property tax based on income.

Meaning, yes, a person making over $100K in a small house will pay more in property taxes than a person making $50K living in a house twice the size.

Which makes no sense to me.

I don't believe that property taxes are regressive taxes. If you own property or a house with a lot of value, then you should pay more in taxes.

I'll agree with giving tax breaks to seniors, but then I will also agree in giving tax breaks to other singles or couples without children.

Why should a person pay more in taxes if they're not putting children through the school system? Why do people with children get a tax deduction?

Children are expensive. If you can't afford them, then don't have them. What happened to personal responsibility? I have 3,000 condoms in my basement. I'll give anyone as many as they want.

Singles and couples without children have to start speaking up. I get taxed enough, thank you.

I don't believe in basing property taxes on income. Nope. Sorry. I don't buy it.

- Trixie "social-liberal, fiscal-conservative" Starr