Monday, October 13, 2008

Curler Buddy

Ok, when you thought you've seen it all.....

This is an actual craigslist posting. I did not make this up, I'm not this creative....

Nice looking 50's guy looking for younger male who likes to have his hair set or set another guy's the curler experience; rollers, perms, pincurls etc. are all fun with the right guy!

Serious post--and serious replies only---I know there are others out there with this fetish--let's have some fun together; hot sex with another guy while both are set is hot! I can host--and willing to do so for the right guys!


When I first saw CURLER BUDDY, I thought this:

I thought, "Oh, it must be an upstate New York thing...some lost Canadian or something...."

But no, he's looking for someone who really like in hair curlers.

More power to you, babydoll. At least you know what you want, and you're not afraid to ask for it! Hey, there's a a lid for every pot.

Would you have sex in hair curlers?

Maybe the ladies (as in real, biological women) could chime in on this one.

Have you ever had sex with your hair in curlers? Was it on purpose? Was there a heightened sense of eroticism?

Should I run out to CVS now?

Do you have to start with the soft ones, and then build up to the hard curlers, the ones that require bobby pins? Or, is that too hard core?

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Anonymous said...

Trixie, can anyone make this shit up? What the fuck is next, foreskin painting?