Monday, October 20, 2008

FREE Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs@ Herrington's this weekend!

Why should we stop at the Hudson lampposts? Duct Tape Child Care!

This Saturday and Sunday, at the Herrington's Grand Opening, 1 Graham Avenue, in Hudson, every person will receive a FREE compact fluorescent light bulb.

Go get one.

AND, there's hot dogs and cider to help benefit some college fund. Someone tell that reporter, Andrew "whats-his-name" from the Register-Star and maybe we can see him swallow a dozen hot dogs in five minutes....

I will personally donate three dollars on Saturday for every hot dog you eat within five minutes. Bet? (But, I want it on video.)

Get yourself a new light bulb, because this town needs new lights!

Have you ever walked down Warren Street and noticed all the lampposts duct-taped together?

Ok, who's idea was that? With all the duct tape?

I won't even let my dog pee on those lampposts, they're so tacky.

(haha...get it...tacky!)

Don't blame gay men for this one.

No card-carrying male homosexual who would EVER EVER allow lampposts to be duct-taped together!

(Lesbians? I don't know.....I'm not going to touch that one today....)

In some cases, on some lampposts, it's the WRONG color duct tape!

Clutch my pearls!!

At least use black duct tape! WTF is wrong with you!?!

We have to have SOME standards, people.

Thankfully, Herrington's has a SALE on duct tape this weekend - $2.49/roll -- 2' by 60 yards. National Grid should buy a few rolls for the lampposts that don't have duct tape - yet.

The bigger issue is that the Common Council is now debating replacing the lampposts in town. The town might actually OWN the lampposts as opposed to renting from National Grid.


Thank Ms. Haddad for doing the research!

I don't know which posts or light fixtures will be chosen, but I agree that we could do with fewer posts, and we could stagger the posts on the street.

Time will tell what the Common Council decides, but there could be some major energy and cost savings in the future if we make the right decisions now. Go to the Common Council meetings, if you're interested.

Meanwhile....get some more duct tape.

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