Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HOMERerotic at Findustry

Ok, I stole the term, "HOMERerotic", from someone who walked in.

In case you haven't seen enough gay porn in your life, (and gay porn with Norman Rockwell paintings) then go to Findustry on upper Warren Street. Seven hundred block. You'll find it.

I don't understand this artsy-fartsy stuff. Can someone please explain it to me? You know what, don't even bother.

The only guy I want to see a photo of is Mr. Ben Franklin, on a crisp $100 bill!! I'll even accept five photos of Andrew Jackson! That's porn to me!

"Just leave it on the night stand. Thanks, pal! See ya next week!"

This art stuff, I have no use for it.

(Sorry for the cell-phone photos...better than nothing, I guess.)

Love ya,


Who are these people?

Please, stop complaining. Wait until they DON'T want to fuck you.
Then complain.
Hubris. It can happen to you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How can I get me some of that Homer... he is a sexy freak!