Friday, November 21, 2008 it cold out? I don't care.

This is where I'm blogging from this am.....true. it cold outside, Hudson?

I don't care. I'm at a gay bed and breakfast in Lawdadale....its 70-something degrees. Naked guys by the pool, Barbra Streisand playing in the background. Doesn't get any gayer than this! (well, I could be getting a blow job while blogging in drag, that would be gayer....I'll work on it.)

You could be in Lawdadale, too, if you wanted. $250-ish roundtrip from Newburgh. Share the room with a friend, under $100/night. Totally doable.

What, you can't afford it?


I used to have sympathy for people....but Hudson hardened me....even more.

Maybe if you stopped complaining about your life and blaming your "misfortune" on others or your past, or whatever, and took responsibility for the present, and stopped spending your money on booze or pills or all the other unnecessary shit and objets de whatever, you'll have some extra money and you could be in Lauderdale, too.

No sympathy.

And, I don't want to hear all this liberal-fucking-bullshit about the poor and downtrodden. (Especially when it comes from "trust-fund baby liberals" who feel guilty about living off of Mommy or Daddy's money.)

No excuses.
People can control their own lives....if they want to.

Oprah started on welfare. You don't hear her complaining. There's opportunity out there.

Life is short. What are you waiting for?

An engraved Jet Blue invitation?

Trixie Shrugged

Whaddaya think? Did I make my point today?

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Anonymous said...

NO! but doesn't Oprah look FUCKING FABULOUS!