Wednesday, November 5, 2008

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” --M. Gandhi

It's amazing. I really can't believe it happened. Did it? Maybe I'm living in some parallel universe right now. I'll wake up and the Republicans will be back in power.

I think it's interesting how Obama got into office on the idea of CHANGE.

Try running on "CHANGE" in Hudson!


Generally speaking, I get the impression that Hudsonites don't exactly love "change"; change on a local level and change on a personal level.

"Don't rock the boat, Trixie!"

"It won't work. Someone did it before years ago and it didn't work, why try again?"

"Just keep the same old street lights we got now!"

Do people REALLY want "CHANGE"? Or, are they afraid of it? Is it outside their comfort zone?

Locally, is Hudson willing to move from a manufacturing economy to a tourism/service industry economy?

Change is not easy.

On a personal level, have you grown or changed over the years? Did you quit the bad job? Did you get out of the bad relationship? Or, are you just stuck in the same old patterns?

Are you today the BEST PERSON that you can be?

A Buddhist monk comes down from the mountain after years of solitude and runs to the nearest (tofu) hot dog vendor. He buys two hot dogs with all the fixings.

He hands the vendor a twenty. The vendor pockets it.

After a few seconds, the monk says, "Hey, don't I get change back?"

The vendor looks at the Buddhist monk and says, "Change comes from within."


(sorry if you've heard that one dum bah!)


Trixie said...

The original title of this blog post was,

"That's Nice You Voted For Obama, But You're Still an Asshole."

But, I changed it.

Even an old whore can learn a new trick!

Anonymous said...

It is a very exciting time to be alive; we have witnessed a major step for minorities this week. Yet homosexuals received a slap in the face, California has told us that we are less than human, we should not have the same rights as our heterosexual counter parts. Since we are not equal and don't deserve the same rights, should we not receive a discount on our taxes, pay less for common services and better yet why don't we just go back in the closet and not be heard. After all if it's out of sight it's out of mind... FUCK THAT we should be made made as hell! Get out there and make sure this does not happen in another state. Democrats are now in control, if we are ever going to have equal rights this is the time. Put down the Cosmo, take of the eye lashes and volunteer to make a difference, have your name attached to this so called change that everyone is talking about… NOW is the time for CHANGE, CHANGE on every level.

Trixie said...

I'm with you!

WTF happened California?

OK, I'll take the eyelashes off, but I'm leaving my shit-kicking boots ON!