Friday, November 7, 2008

Frank and Marie go to the Stageworks Bar Mitzvah in Lindenhurst.

Frank and Marie at the Stageworks One-Minute Play Bar Mitzvah last weekend.

This was our second Bar Mitzvah this month. Here's Frank and I at the reception around the corner from Temple Beth Shalom in Lindenhurst, on Long Island. After, we visited my family. See how happy Frank is, this is right after I told him we were going to my mother's.

Can you believe that this couple has daughter in NYU? They look so young.
NYU, pre-law. Good for her, she'll have a job.
You should try the kugel, it's T.D.F! die for!

Temple Beth Shalom is Reform (thank G-d). They even do those gay marriage ceremonies, isn't that nice? We sat next to this very pleasant lesbian couple. I think one was named Fran, I don't remember the other one. Frank thinks it's Renee. He's wrong, don't listen to him.

Another delightful lesbian couple.

Usually, I can tell, ya know, which one is the "man" and which one is the "woman", like Ellen and Portia, or Rosie and Whats-her-name. I wanted to ask them, but Frank says it rude to ask questions like that. Oh, Frank, it's 2008, no one cares anymore.

-Frank, just stand in front. I'm taking these apples and pumpkins.
-Marie, we HAVE apples at home. What are you going to do with a pumpkin with a butterfly on it?

-Shut up, Frank! I spent a lot of money here, I'm taking the centerpiece. Just stand there. Don't move.

These two. You think they called each other?

More lesbians. I think on her side, it's all lesbians.
They're from Canada, or somewhere near there.

Frank and I, we're usually the only goyim at these things. We're used to it.

-They had a very nice kosher dish, right Frank? No meat for me, no dairy for you....Frank and dairy....all night long, he's in the bathroom...
-MARIE!! Do you have to tell them everything?! All my business?
-What, Frank? I was just saying...

Look how beautiful.

Frank and I had such a nice time, we met some very nice people.


Anonymous said...

aaaah Marie..ya wrecked me with this post!

Trixie said...


Did you take your Metamucil today?

I left it out for you. It's on the counter. Did you drink it yet? Don't forget.

Otherwise, you're gonna be all clogged up again.

If you don't want to drink it, fine. But, I don't want to hear it later on, in the middle of the night, alright?

I'm only trying to help.


Anonymous said...

You are extremely funny. Did you ever think of going on the stage???? There is one leaving in about 25 minutes!!!! Enjoyed reading about all your friends and relatives. Made my wish that I was at that Bar Mitzvah...what a hoot!!!!