Monday, November 10, 2008

Ho Down - Saturday, November 8th, Hudson, NY

Someone asked me,

"So, Trix, do you update a calendar every month with a little star, like Good Party, Bad Party, after you count up all the money at the door?"

I was, no...

"Well, I tally up all the receipts, input everything into an excel spreadsheet - each party is a different tab - compare projected versus actual costs and income, and then make future party decisions based upon historical results and analysis."


Here's the secret "formula"

Good_Party = SUM('gogo dancers' + 'good music' + 'cheesy decorations' + 'hard work'+ 'promotion' + 'alcohol' + ('drag queen' - 'general aggravation from all above'))

These three are trouble.

No comparison to the last three.

If you could, then you wouldn't be here in'd be in Van Nuys, CA with Chi Chi La Rue and the rest of them.

The costume contest was a tie! Here's one winner.

And the other winner on the right! Woo-Hoo!

OK, so my one (yeah right, only one, Trixie...) complaint is I'm tired of listening to people complaining!

"This isn't good enough, that's not good enough."

"The newbies of today aren't as good as the newbies of five-seven years ago."


I give credit to anyone who tries anything new. If you try and fail, it's still better than never even trying. Stop the whining, stop the complaining, get your ass out of the house, and have a good time.

Ya know what? Life is short. The past is over, the future - there's no guarantees. All we have is today.

So, don't take yourself so seriously, put on a funny hat, call up a couple of friends and go out and have some fun. Because that's what it's all about.



(.....and pay the cover at the door. Thanks! Love ya, Trix)


Anonymous said...

Not a cowboy in the bunch, but enough Ho's to fill the barn!

Anonymous said...

Can we get a freshly waxed go-go boy next month? C'mon a twink is supposed to be hairless...

Trixie said...

wax your own twink.

I got enough going on.