Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Gay Albany Website and Party..

Hey folks,

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately....I'm working in the Windy City this week, traveling with another Hudson blogger.

Trixie's a working gal. I can't wait for one of the dozens of wealthy, single, emotionally and sexually available gay Hudson bachelors to come knocking on my back door and pay the bills.


Anyway, there's a party at Rocks in Awlbany tonight. It looks like there's a new website in Albany.....GayAlbanyOnLine.com

I briefly looked at GayAlbanyOnLine.com. A nice site, trying to help unite and educate the gay community in a small town in upstate New York....what a great idea!!

(GayAlbany.com was already taken.....I looked....a year ago....it was part of my imperialistic plan to slowly dominate the Hudson Valley region. Oh well. Curses! Foiled again!)

But, I'm sure that GayAlbanyOnline.com will prove to be a useful site with witty commentary, political observations, double entendres, and google images.

If not, you always have me, your devoted public servant.


BTW, did I mention Hedda Lettuce on Dec 6th? Winter Walk night?

I give and I give - and ask for nothing.

....other than pay the fucking cover at the door.

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southendcb said...

hey...thanks for the shout out!

hit me up sometime...lets compare notes...

Christopher Broughton