Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wigged-Out Winter Walk with Hedda Lettuce

This is the plan...

You stroll up and down Warren street from 6-8, freeze your ass off, and buy lots of stuff that you really don't need.

Let's keep this economy moving, folks!

Then, at 8pm, go get yourself something to eat.

Finish around 9:30, because that's when the doors open at Jason's for my party.

Bring a wig!

Hedda Lettuce is performing. Singing, dancing, satire, who knows? Really, it's going to be a fun night, a great evening out, and ONLY $25!! ($20 if you get the Reduced Admin card at the Five and Diamond).

It's cheap. Like me.

Now you don't have to schlep up to Awlbany or down to Manhattan to see a show. I bring talent to you! Right here, in little ol' Hudsonian Hudson. There's a party afterwards with DJ GIO!! and cheap decorations. You can get rip-roaring drunk - tip the bartender - and then stumble home, maybe with a little orally-fixated elf!

I'll give you a show and a party for $25. The blow job? You're on your own.

.......at least that's what my lawyers tell me to write.



Trixie said...

True story...

so, last night, I posted the event on Craigslist. And this was an email I received:

"ICK ... drags queens are what runied . tea dance at .. LaCunard .. WHY DONT YOU GET IT NO one like drag queens"

WTF? What's LaCunard? I'm supposed to know? No one likes drag queens?....right.

Listen buddy, if it weren't for the drag queens and the rest of us gay men with some chutzpah, you'd still be in your little closet.

So, eat my drag queen pussy!

Anyone else have anything to say?

Bring it.

My drag queen heel print will be in your fucking forehead.

Anonymous said...

Way to GO, Trixie!

You are the only Bright Light in this screwed-up town!

Keep telling it "Like it is" and damn all the uppity artsy-fartsy crowd who are trying to make Hudson into "Willilamsburg North!"

. . . a straight guy who isn't afraid of anyone who's different.

Anonymous said...

La Canard in Kingston used to have a fun tea dance.

Trixie said...

...and the "problem" was the drag queens?

Anonymous said...

The problem was bad drag queens.

Anonymous said...