Monday, December 15, 2008

Drag Queens won the Mrs. Roper Poll?

It seems that my very sophisticated "Mrs. Roper" poll determined this week that DRAG QUEENS are people's favorite part of Winter Walk!?!

"Drag Queens" won over "Kennedy Fried Chicken".

Go figure.

Well....if that's the case, then maybe drag queens should just take over Winter Walk!


The first thing I would change is the name.

Good-bye Winter WALK.

Hello Winter-A-Go-Go!!!!

Let there be go-go dancing in the streets!

You don't even want me to THINK of the possibilities! We'd have to come up with a good wintery theme!

I'm sure the idea will meet with some resistance, though....

Just forget it.

The Mrs. Roper poll numbers can't be right. I'm sure it's just a silly mix-up anyway.

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