Friday, December 18, 2009

Scalera Supports Gay Marriage. Saland Doesn't.

Well, Mayor Scalera of the City of Hudson supports gay marriage.

Here's the article.

Someone said to me, "Trixie, you haven't commented, yet."

The reason it's taken me so long to comment is because I just don't care.

I mean, it's very nice that he supports gay marriage, but, that and a token gets you on the subway.

If Scalera was out there like the mayor of New Paltz, or Gavin Newsome, then yes, it'd be a different story.

Scalera's a city mayor and it's a state issue, so he has no vote.

Here's a quote from the article from Saland:

Saland issued this statement to the Register-Star on his vote the following day: “Yesterday’s vote regarding gay marriage was anything but easy. As one who previously supported SONDA (the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act), I dwelled at great length on my decision. I have previously expressed my support of civil unions, which I continue to support.”

You dwelled on this at great length? Really?

How long did it take you? What's there to "dwell" on?

Were you worried about all the homophobic votes you'd lose?

If Scalera said something BEFORE the election...then maybe, MAYBE Saland would have thought, 'maybe there's more support in Columbia County for gay marriage than I thought. Maybe I should vote for gay marriage.'

Maybe. Maybe not.

(Maybe Sclera said something, but I didn't hear anything. He never said anything to me....and I do run a blog called

Anyway, this whole issue of gay marriage annoys me on another level because we still have to look to others to somehow validate our relationships, and our lives.

That's the way the system works, I guess.

It's never easy.
You know I'd be a suffragette, if just to wear the hats.

I think these politicians waited until after the election to vote on gay marriage, this way, they're in for one more term.

Well, Saland is out next term.

I'm calling my Poughkeepsie friends and we're getting him out of there.


Monday, December 7, 2009

The 12 Gays of Christmas!

If you want to know how gay people make the world is a better place, this is it!

Thank you young gays (and "gay-ish" hetero men) of America!

There is hope for this country!

This is fabulous!

Photos from Toga Party!

Hi --

I know, I know....

I haven't updated in over a week. People are complaining.

One of my pet peeves is when people talk about something, but they aren't really saying anything.....

I try to only update when I actually have someone to say. You know, something important, like complaining about a magazine article. Something like that!

Plus, I've been planning events here in town up the wazoo. I have two film nights happening on New Year's DAY!!!! The other is the Tuesday between Christmas and New Year's.

New Year's Day, 5pm, Space 360. $20 dinner and a movie. Nothing else is open. You should come. It's going to be a special Happy New Year's good luck dinner. It's a southern thing with black eye peas. I don't really know what it is, I'm not from the south.

......unless you consider the south shore of Long Island the south....

AND - I'm working on a CASINO night in Hudson in January!!! I'm trying to bring VICE back to this town.

(you play for prizes....and we're going to have sexy cocktail waiters/waitresses, if it all works out...)

I'm considering a career in politics, as president of my bowling league. So, that campaign has keep me busy, too.

I've decided to take over a Schenectady bowling alley...because...well...they need help. And more drag queens need to run for office, any office.

I told them, ask anyone in Hudson, they'll tell you that "Trixie makes the trains run on time".

(except of course, Amtrak, coming from anywhere other than Albany....there's no hope there, I tried. )

Ok, here are some Toga photos, from Abel.

There are SO many. I will post the rest tomorrow.

I'm off to BALTIMORE today! omg. I'll post photos. If you know of any fun spots in Baltimore, please let me know!

A drag queen can change a whole town.



Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanks for coming to BINGO on Tuesday! We had a GREAT turnout!

Also, don't forget the TOGA PARTY this SATURDAY.

So much fun. You don't want to miss it!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tupperware and BINGO night tomorrow - Tuesday!

BINGO and Tupperware - two things that make America great!!!

Come play with Tupperware at 6pm, then BINGO starts at 7.

Get your Tupperware order in for the holidays!

Then, it's another exciting night of BINGO madness!

You may win a fabulous prize!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

UNITARD tonight in Hudson!!!

You hafta go.

It's gonna be great!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marriage Equality - Call Senator Saland

Marriage Equality demonstration on the State Capital last night.

The State Senate is back in session and poised for a vote on gay marriage in New York!

Let's make it happen!!

Call our State Senator - Senator Saland (who is AGAINST gay marriage last time I heard) and tell him to support it!

Albany Office
617 Legislative Office Building
Albany, New York 12247

District Office
3 Neptune Road, Suite A19B
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

Now, do I believe in gay marriage? Sure.

(I think that marriage shouldn't be legislated by the government AT or straight...but that's not really the issue. Or, there should be equal government 'civil unions' for gay and straight couples - as in France - and let the term 'marriage' be determined by the person's religion. But, that's not going to happen anytime soon....and any legislator that uses that argument to explain their "No Gay Marriage" vote - I think is bullshit.)

In the interest of EQUALITY - gay marriage should pass in the state of New York! Our State Senator - representing Dutchess and Columbia counties, should vote IN FAVOR of gay marriage.

Call him and let him know.

Now, what do I really think?

These state senators didn't want to vote on this issue until AFTER the election. They're afraid of being pegged for or against this issue.

Let's see how Saland votes.

You know that if he votes against it.....I'm organizing a Trixie's Whorehouse bus load of Hudsonians to pay him a visit.

Don't fuck with me, Saland....I've been to the RODEO!

Monday, November 9, 2009

BINGO Madness - this Tuesday @ pm, the wine bar

One more time!!

Tomorrow, come and play BINGO with you Hudsonian friends and neighbors!

FABULOUS prizes!

Hope to see you there!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday - Deffebach Art Opening or Fat Guys with Back Hair --- You Decide!

I know guys who belong to TWO gyms in Manhattan.

One gym, they use for their serious work outs, the other more fashionable gym, was used just to walk around, look good, and meet guys.

They spent at about $200/month on gym memberships. More, if you include classes and accessories.....and protein drinks.

(There were various forms of PROTEIN DRINKS at these gyms, if you know what I mean....)

The point of working out six days/week is to be able to go to Fire Island and look glamorous.

Then, I moved upstate.

Little did I know that Albany has the third largest BEAR scene in the country! There was even a Logo special.

Here's the banner for Bear Albany. It's this weekend. Saturday is Bear Hugs night at Rocks, 77 Central Avenue.

For legal reasons, (maybe), they don't show the guy's faces in the ad....but their hairy backs, fine.

These guys don't worry about their gym memberships - even at the local Planet Fitness, which is $100 for an ENTIRE YEAR!

The last Bear Albany night I went to there were FREE Little Debbie snack cakes and hot dogs. You need to feed the Bears.

The Albany Bears are happy folk. They love to drink, eat and party.

Plus, there are plenty of thin twinkee, boys siding up to the Bears, who want some big "Bear Love".

....and Bears LOVE Twinkees - in all forms!

At Bear Albany parties, I feel thin and pretty! So, that's where I'll be Saturday night....Bear Albany! YAY!

If you don't want to go to Albany, then you can stay in Hudson and go to yet another art opening and try to put some intellectual meaning behind oil on canvas. There's one happening at the Deffebach Art Gallery, 135 Warrren St, on Saturday, November 7th from 6-8pm. Click on the image at top of the blog post and get the information.

You can stand back looking at art and drink some free wine - while I'll out partying with da Bears!


If you don't want to travel an hour to see fat guys with back hair, then I'm sure that something can be arranged for you here in Hudson.

Bears gotta eat - and Trixie is bringing her cream puff!

Have fun.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Short Is Not Always Bad - Wed - November 18th

OK -

If you missed the last one, you should come to this one.

Why? Because it's an excellent evening out.....and affordable.

This is what happens....

It's $10 Admission, another $10 if you want to eat dinner.

Doors open at 6:30pm, you watch a half dozen short films, then we stop for a dinner intermission.

During dinner, you get to sit down with your new/old friends, and maybe talk about the films you just watched.

Which beats sitting and listening to someone tell the same old tired story about how fabulous they once were......again....

Just a thought,

ps....the video will be up this weekend....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Strong Smurfin' Coffee

This is one of Abel's works on display.

There's yet another artsy-fartsy reception in town on Friday.



Thing is, I actually like Abel's artwork, because it's simple and gets to the point.

This exhibit is called "Smurfette vs. Farrah". I get it.

I don't have to listen to some pretentious art snob 'explain' the meaning of the piece. I usually just smile at them and nod politely.

Thank you, Mr. Art Snob, for your post-modern, deconstructionist theories,
but since I've noticed you have a flat ass, I've stopped listening.

Let's take this opportunity to talk about the Smurfs.

For instance, why was there only ONE Smurfette?

Is the fact that there was only one Smurfette a feminist issue?

What would Gloria Steinem say about "Smurfette"?

What would Gloria Grahame say about "Smurfette"?

What would Gloria Bunker say about "Smurfette"?

Were all the rest of the Smurfs gay or did Smurfette get gang-banged every Friday and Saturday night?

I vote for all the Smurfs being gay.

Well....we have all seen that one straight gal at a party filled with gay men, right?

I guess that's what Smurfette's life was like - the pretty straight gal at a party of gay men - everyone having a smurfin' good time!

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Eat-My-Ass Santa"

The Christmas season is upon us!

Now, available right outside of Hudson, is the new "Eat-My-Ass Santa" with his "partner", Mr. Frosty Snowman!

Santa's all ready, spreading his ass cheeks, for Frosty and his carrot nose.

It's $18, but I'd wait until it goes on clearance. "Eat-My-Ass Santa", I think, is only worth nine.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

La La La

If you click on it, you'll be able to read it all...

I know what you're going to think....

Trix, what the fuck? Don't you have something else to do?

You're going to think that at the end of this blog post. You're right...but...

I have two options....either I can upload all those Halloween photos to this blog, which takes FOREVER (because I have to do them individually), or I can write about something that annoys me.

Guess which option I'm going to choose?

Here we go...

There I was, at the gym this morning (it was empty, day after Halloween - surprise, surprise), and I stopped to read that free news/arts/whatever paper call "Our Town".

'Let me take a break and read this quaint publication. La La La.'

That's what I was thinking. La La La.

I'm reading it, and in the back is a little story on our city of Hudson.

How sweet, I thought, let me see what "Our Town" has to say about Hudson, page 52, Fall 2009 - The Columbia County Tourism Issue.

La La La. I'm reading.

The beginning of the article is fine, all good press and publicity.

Then I read this one sentence.....and I was like....hmmmm.....

"Should you be inclined to stay forever, the plethora of available buildings, fine amenities, low rents, and big spaces, the laid-back atmosphere, the not inconsiderable nightlife, the diversified community, and the chance that your vote can actually make a difference, add up, as many have discovered, to an engaging and not illogical alternative to life in the Big Apple (only two hours away, after all) at greatly reduced overhead."

'What's wrong with that, Trixie?' you may ask.

First of all, it's a run-on sentence. No big whoop. That's fine.

It's the two double negatives that get me.

"not inconsiderable nightlife" and "not illogical alternative".

It's good to know that all of my countless hours of effort putting together events for Hudson (and everyone else who does it, too!!) is considered by "Our Town" to be a not inconsiderable nightlife.

Thanks, fella. I guess I should be happy.

Or, should I say, not unhappy?

Why use double negatives? Why not just say "active nightlife" or "viable alternative"?

By using double negatives, is the author trying to refute a premise that Hudson has an inconsiderable nightlife?


Remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity, as long as they spell your (domain) name right.

La La La.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Bike Race tomorrow

Wait, I forgot, there's a bike race tomorrow.

It was last week, but it was postponed because of the rain. Now, it's tomorrow....Halloween.

Register tomorrow at noon by the Boat House. Ignore the information on the flier, because it's wrong.

Trust me.

Tomorrow at noon at the boat house.

Anyway, this is NOT just a bike race. It's like a wacky bike race.

It's a cross between "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" and a fraternity initiation.


Imagine Ethel Merman shaving your ass, then you ride a bicycle throughout Hudson to promote bicycle awareness.

That's not what REALLY is going to be happening, only because Ethel's dead...but it's in that vein. Does that make more sense now?

Maybe not.

Oh well.

It's $10 to register.

Have fun.

Halloween Parties - pm, Red Dot, Jason's

Ok, so everyone is asking me what I'm going to be for Halloween.

Don't I get dressed up enough, folks?

Can't I just go out in jeans and a tshirt?

I had this one guy, who had not seen me out of drag say, "Wow....I didn't know it was you, Trixie, I thought you'd be taller."

"Oh, well, I'm not wearing heels."

"That's it!"

Thanks, fella.

I wear sunglasses in drag so that people don't see me rolling my eyes.

Gio is going to be spinning at the Red Dot tomorrow night.......and he might actually play some music!

Gio will be spinning....get it?
(I've used that joke before on this blog, but it still cracks me up.)

So, this is the plan, Stan...

First go to the pre-party at pm. Aaron will be the bartender.

Aaron will be bar tending at pm. He can make you a drink, a dress, or a scarf.

Then, go to the Red Dot for their party, "Zombie Zoo".

Why "Zombie Zoo"? Why not TV sitcom night?

Jason's is doing a party as well. Go to all three -- then stumble home.

DJ Mr Chips will be the anchor breaking down the usual run of soulful breaks, mash ups and party favs.

And warming up the night will be DJ T-Bone. To sweeten the deal we've joined forces with Chatham Brewers who will be offering not only cheap drinks but also some great prizes for best costumes.

And if you happen to be the GORIEST in the house that night, DA | BA Restaurant has generously offered a prize gift certificate of $50 toward a meal at their incredible restaurant.

A crew is in place that plans to convert the 2nd floor into a whole new festival of frights.

$10 tickets

Come out and celebrate the freak in you, our birthday and whatever else you want!

When people ask me why I live in Hudson, I tell them,

"Well, it's a small town, I can go out drinking, and then stumble home."

The drunks totally understand and don't ask any other questions.

I don't have to get into the architecture, proximity to New York City, artistic community....


It's a small town, you can go out drinking all night long, and walk home.

Done. Move to Hudson.

Cher, Cockroaches, and Tom Judson!

Some things just don't go away....

Like Tom Judson, who is performing in Catskill the night of November 14th.

You remember Tom (aka Gus Mattox)?

In 2006 he won the Oldest Living Porn Star award or something like that.

I think he beat out Ron Jeremy.

It's Tom's birthday on November 14th. So, he'll even be older when you see this show, as opposed to seeing him in Hudson in September.

Now, you can drive farther to see an older porn star play the accordion and not take his clothes off.

It's $10, and what else are you going to do?

Plus, it's at MOD cafe, which is really great and run by some fabulous organizing lesbians.

Lesbians are like well-oiled machines. They just keep running, and organizing. They really are the backbone of the community.

It's wonderful, because don't expect me to do any manual labor.

I'll sit at my computer, spit out words of wisdom, and collect money at the door.

You want something nailed into a wall?

Ask a lesbian.

I'm sorry, I can't do it....I'm really busy at the moment.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's all about the FIFTH Ward this election in Hudson!!

The Edith Masey Center for Change.
"Oh Gator, I wish you were a Democrat!
The life of a Republican is a SICK and BORING life!

If you've walked down Warren Street lately, I'm sure you've noticed, on that empty-ish building on Warren and Fifth, there's a sign that reads, "Time for Change".

And I was thinking...

Change? What change?

The mayor is running unopposed, so what's gonna change? Over the past two years, the city has lost hundreds of jobs, and what's going on with the waterfront and the truck route? Those issues pop up every year it seems.....

BUT - listen -

The change is in the 5th Ward!

And you're thinking, "What does that mean, Trixie? And why should I care?"

OK - here's the deal...

Have you ever been to a Hudson Common Council Meeting? You should go. Seriously. Just go. Go to one of the informal or formal meetings, that's when the council votes on stuff.

The council votes are weighted - that means that some council members votes count more than others.

The biggest district in this city is the Fifth Ward - the area North of Warren and East of Fifth Street.

The fifth ward council person's votes are worth more than some other member's votes combined.

It's based on population. Years ago, when there were more families and apartments on Warren and Front Streets, the area next to the river had more voting power, but not anymore.

There's a guy running in the Fifth Ward, David Frank, and that's the change we need. Just click on the link and you'll read the post.

I agree with the "Register-Star" on this one.

You know that when the "Register-Star" and - the two main media outlets for this city - agree, then it's BIG!

"What's the matter with the current Fifth ward council members, Miss Trixie?" do I put this?

Let's just say they don't come to my events....and leave it at that.

Not even my BINGO nights.

If you want my endorsement fellas, then come to a Trixie party.

Hey, the Hudson firemen show up - and I'm very supportive of them!