Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trixie's Valentine's Day Weekend at Easton Mountain

Hi --

My next party on Valentine's Day will be held at Easton Mountain.

You can visit their website,

They are now taking reservations.

DJ GIO!!! will be the DJ, and we'll have three go go boys!!

Overnight stay starts at $69, and it includes breakfast, a bed, and the party!

Hot Tub. Sauna. Gay guys. Great music. GoGo Boys. Overnight Stay. Food. Tupperware.

Think of the possibilities!

What is Easton Mountain? Well, it used to be a nudist camp and ski resort before some gay guys bought it. It's on 165 beautiful acres and it serves as a gay retreat. There are workshops on intimacy, yoga, couples, sex. The weekends when I'm there, it's going to be big party weekends. More parties are planned for March and April. Bring your own booze. There will be mixers for drinks.

For so many gay men, I find, a common issue is being able to CONNECT; connect love and emotions to sex, connect with other guys and develop friendships. Easton gives gay men a safe space and atmosphere to explore themselves and develop these connections - as opposed to feeling detached; detached from sex, from reality, and from other people.

I'm really happy that I'm doing parties up there, and I'm dragging that gavone, Gio, along with me for the ride. :)

More parties in Hudson in the spring, when it gets warm.



inverse relation said...

Fabulous deal! $89 gets you a room with 3 others, while $69 gets you a "Garden Cabin". How many in the 'Cabin' Trixie?
The cheaper the rent the greater the chance you have of getting laid? ....

Trixie said...

There will be 10 in the Garden cabin!

The garden cabin is heated and very nice, but the bathroom is in the Lodge.

Did I mention the group showers?

oh.....why do you think I'm REALLY doing parties here?