Friday, February 6, 2009

The media is dead. Long live the media.

All fat ass. All the time.

The Independent is dead.

The twice-weekly publication closed up shop this past week, which now leaves us with the Register-Star....and yours truly, Ms. Trixie local news sources.


In the Register-Star today, the editorial column states

"We have ethical standards that will not allow us to print unsubstantiated information -- like a blog does."

What? Please....I have standards.

For instance, you will never find a nude full frontal shot on Never -- but, butt shots are fair play. are fat people.

And fat butts, well.....that goes without saying!

Maybe that's what the Independent needed, more butt photos! Or, at least some escort ads in the back pages. Then, they wouldn't have gone out of business.

Although, how many "escorts" are there in Columbia County? Three?

Maybe just a couple of old whores left over from the good old days of Hudson!

No teeth make for better blow jobs!

The Register-Star editorial goes on to say,

"Help us do better. Tell us what you want and need from us."

Oh, where do I start?

First of all, the web version should have everything the print version has. If you're a subscriber, you should have access to the entire newspaper on-line. I would pay 50 cents a day to not have to deal with paper.

Secondly, it would be nice if the Register-Star disagreed with the mayor on an issue. I can't remember the last time the newspaper voiced an opposing opinion. Thanks for going with the status quo! What's the problem? Will the Register-Star lose the Price Chopper circular ads if it has a viewpoint that's too controversial? Get the balls out of your purse!

And lastly, they should hire me.

That's right. Why not?

...people would me....
You want me to cover the High School wrestling match?
It's an "away game"?
I'll do it!

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