Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sexy Senior Screw Up

To say it happened in Valatie....

Did you read? The senior center could be in breach of their grant!

Since I am never one to take something at face value, I called up this guy I fucked once in Valatie to get the REAL story! You know me, I always like to get to the BOTTOM of things!

My source tells me that those sexy seniors in Valatie intended to use the grant money to make Grannie Porn!

(Warning! This clip may be considered offensive to some!
It's those straight people, they're such kinky fucks.)

GILF = Grannies I'd Like to Fuck.

My source tells me that the New York State grant was actually intended to make Gay Latino
porn, but after the grannies got control of the camera....well, they started to party like it was 1899!

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