Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"You don't have all wealthy people."

Where will wealthy Hudsonites eat now?

Did you read the Register-Star today?

The Schroeder building may be on the market, the one on Greene Street.

The building is yet another upstate New York abandoned factory. This one, I think, used to manufacture toy pianos.

Someone, Mr. Rabadi, is interested in turning the building into a diverse food court, he is quoted in the Register-Star as saying, "They have little booths, Chinese on the right and Japanese on the left. Indian on the right, Greek and Middle Eastern on the left [and so on]," he said.

"We will try to create something different. You have to understand, we need something to accommodate people in Hudson. You don't have all wealthy people."

Oh, really? Hudson is NOT filled with wealthy people?

Funny, I was talking to my dear girlfriend and neighbor, Brooke Astor, the other day at the Hudson Grand Buffet over a plate filled with pork fried rice and crab legs (it's her favorite). We were saying the same thing.

Mr. Ribaldi, you're right. You don't have all wealthy people in Hudson.

Notice that in the food court, there's no plan for a fried chicken booth.

Hmmm...why do you think THAT is?

I think Kennedy's has cornered the market on fried chicken in this town.

....and you don't fuck around with fried chicken.

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