Friday, March 27, 2009

Carnal Carnies

I fondly remember the first time I saw the Bindlestiffs. I was at the Hudson elementary school.

When I saw the sword-swallower, even though I was in an elementary school gymnasium, carnal thoughts ran through my head.

Wouldn't it be nice to date a guy with THAT talent?


Anyway, this Sunday night, you can see it yourself.

Leave the kids at home. It's a night out for adults.

Bring a date, your partner, whatever. Who knows, maybe the show will put you in the mood and you'll have sex afterward?

Sex on a Sunday night? A school night?

Go crazy.

March 29, 2009
Jason's Upstairs Bar
521 Warren Street, Hudson, NY
Showtime: 8 pm. Admission: $15 ($5 discount for clowns in make-up)
Tickets/Info: 518-828-8787
[This performance is recommended for adults]

These shows promises a legendary lineup of circus feats, sideshow marvels, and world-class entertainers featuring
* Ringmistress Philomena
* Kinko the Clown
* The Contortions of Ekaterina Sknarina
* The Eccentric Comedy of Ambrose Martos
* The Exquisite Juggling of Sean Blue
* The Amazing Sword Swallowing of Mr. Pennygaff
* and Francisco Monroy, the Musical Maestro

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