Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whisper Sweet Banking Regulations in my Ear

Trixie, when are you coming back from Canada?
Well, folks...what are my options?

I know what you're thinking....

Trixie, when are you back?


It's hard to leave a place where I'm getting laid and getting paid in what is now considered the world's best financial system.

"But, Trixie", you say, "who cares about money and sex? There are art shows and free wine and good friends, and..."

yeah, yeah, yeah...

Fine. I'm coming back just in time for this weekend's festivities!

guess I have to leave's over...

Abel's Recession Rainbows - Sat. March 14th - 6-9 - Abel's Studio -
Near the St. Charles Hotel

Other Nature - Carrie Haddad Photographs
318 Warren
Sat - March 14th 6-8 pm

Jason's b-day party
521 Warren St.
10pm - close

"Trixie, make sure you post this weekend's events! There's so much happening!"

Ok, fine. Like what?

"Like Abel's opening or the Carrie Haddad new exhibit! Both are happening on Saturday! You can get totally smashed and then go to Jason's birthday party with DJ GIO!!!"

Well...when you put it that way....

Then, I guess I'll have to leave Remington's with hot naked gogo boys and lap dances and.....sigh...liberal Canadian laws...

Oh well, I'll be right there...

I think I still have at least a $40 CREDIT with this one, eh?

Socially liberal and fiscally conservative Canadians!
A country without sub-prime mortgages? How sexy is that?

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