Thursday, April 2, 2009

The City of Hudson takes Stock of Housing Property

The City of Hudson is currently taking stock in the properties that it owns. Hopefully, some of the houses can be sold, and help raise city revenue.

I think it's a great idea!

Let's look at some of the houses that are on the list, shall we?

Houses throughout the city are being sold, either South of Warren,

or, North of Warren.

(this is actually what the inside of my house looks like now)

But, it's a mix, you just never know. Some are going to move faster than others, like this one, that's been vacant for a while.

Or, some houses that just need a little work:

There's this one, out on Jocelyn, which would be perfect for a divorcée, or two, and their children.

Or this house, a beautiful home on Willard Place, which could make a wonderful rental or weekend getaway.

If you could EVER get rid of the current tenant!!

Just don't-a-tell her I sent you!


Love ya,

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ahhhhhhhhh SoWa and NoWa... where have you gone...