Friday, April 10, 2009

Grab your pitchfork, we're going to Catskill!

Nowadays, pirates drink Bud Light. What happened to grog?

In yesteryear, when Hudson was filled with seamen (and semen!), Hudsonians would grab their pitchforks and torches and storm Catskill, pillage and plunder the village on a Saturday night, and steal the virgins and any booty.

But, there hasn't been a virgin in Catskill since 1956.

Hudsonians getting ready to pillage and plunder Catskill with our drink of choice; Malibu RUM and Diet Coke. Catskillians don't put up much resistance, but, also, don't expect to find a virgin.

Some nights, you would pillage and get a small booty, and some nights, there was a LOT of booty!

It's sad that the pillage and plunder days are over. Now, the two towns have Cat and Dog statues and art shows.

What fun is that? Where are the wenches?

I'd pillage and plunder Catskill just so I can wear the boots!

Soon Hudson will have its own Lowe's and super Walmart, then there will be very little reason to go over the river, except on bowling night.

Well, it IS called 'Ho Bowl. Bowl naked at your own risk. Do not tell them I sent you!

If you are bowling naked, then, guys, I wouldn't stand too close to the bowling ball return....just in case.

This Saturday, tomorrow, the 11th, Rebel Katz, the gift and apparel store at 384B Main Street, will celebrate its first anniversary 4 to 9 p.m, during Catskill’s “Second Saturday” event. The party will feature music by local band Bourbon Scum and surprise performers!

I'll be there, drinking their free alcohol, and promoting my White party on Memorial Day weekend.

Why not?

There's an art show on Saturday in Catskill called, 'Transitions", which sounds like the perfect show name for me! Although, if I had a show called "Transitions", it wouldn't be about "Light and Form".

You can't drink too much of their free booze, because you still have to drive over the bridge, but hey, until my party on May 23rd, what else is there to do on a Saturday night?

Love ya,


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