Thursday, April 23, 2009

Movable Feast Ideas

Dear Trixie,

The Movable Feast is this weekend, and my partner and I don't know what to do!

We signed up years ago, and we've done it every year. We totally support the Opera House, but now that we have Netflix, we rarely go to any events in town. Maybe, if there's free wine.

Who needs to leave the house, anyway? There are some nights when my husband and I just gaze into eachother's eyes....for hours.

Trixie, one day, when you're in a happy, monogamous gay marriage, you'll understand.

But, it's been a rough year for us. Our trust funds have plummeted, and well....I might have to...clutch my pearls....get a JOB!

Like, a real job that actually pays money.

We still want to do the movable feast, to keep our Hudson social standing, but we just can't afford it.

Trixie, I know that you're a "Victory Garden Gal" who can find ten uses for a pair of pantyhose with a run.

How can I do the Movable Feast this weekend, and not spend a bundle?

Your dearest and closest friend,

Dear Margaret,

Get on the horn and call the Grand Hudson Buffet, now! They're doing a Movable Feast special.

You can go there, pick out what you want, put it in a Styrofoam container, weigh it, and then serve it on your Pottery Barn plates!

They'll never know. Just serve lots of alcohol.

You better move quick, girl, you're not the only one with "funds-a-low" disease. There will probably be at least five dinners in Hudson this weekend with bananas in a sweet strawberry sauce and pork fried rice.

In a pinch.....there's always Kennedy's!

Love ya,

PS - I keep a pair of used pantyhose by the bed. They're perfect for tying that special man to the bedposts - and they leave no marks! Margaret, ask your husband.....he knows.

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