Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where's the Best Place in Hudson to get a Blow Job?

"In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking..."

A hundred years ago in Hudson, the only place to get a good blow job was in a brothel on Diamond Street.

Now, you can get a blow job almost anywhere!

There are SO many places to get a blow job in Hudson, people come from miles around!

Let's review some of the BEST places, shall we?

There's a new "neighborhood" in Hudson, and it's not NoWa or SoWa (North of Warren or South of Warren). The new neighborhood is called BeLo 3rd....meaning, Below Third Street.

"BeLo 3rd - Just Keep Walking!"

pm wine bar is BeLo 3rd, and now that they have a FULL liquor license (skip the AA meetings this week), pm is on the top of the list of places to get a blow job in Hudson!

They're right after the jail cell at the police station and Tanzy's.

I started a new neighborhood in Hudson myself, called...

"UnDa My Skirt - Just Keep Licking!"

Speaking of licking, there's LICK Hudson! Those boys are now OPEN for business....wink...wink...

Tell them Trixie sent you....see how far you get...

And let's say you want a REAL (blow) job!

Then, go to the Gay and Lesbian Professional night on Wednesday, April 29th - 6PM - at the Midtown Tap and Tea Room in Albany!

Tea Room. Get it?

If all else fails, there's my party on May 23rd. You want a blow job, no problem! I'll arrange it.

hey......the cover's $ get what you pay for...


Anonymous said...

In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was LOOKED ON as something shocking

Trixie said...

Noted and amended.

Thank you.