Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Big-Boned Gal was Proud!

"She was a big-boned 'gal' from the city of Hudson.
You just couldn't call her small."

I found out that there's a new shipment of women's clothing in town!


BUT - only for dress sizes 6-8!! WTF!?!

Where's the size 14 dresses? Some of us gals like to eat!!

Who wants to sleep with THIS?

They break easily.

Big-boned gals are better in bed, and you know it!! We're always being asked to the things the other gals (or your wife) won't do!

What'll it be tonight, fella?

My next party on Saturday, May 23rd is dedicated to all those big-boned gals out there!

This is for you!


size 14 and proud of it!

"You could tell she was ready
by the look in her eye
as she slipped in through the crowd
she walked with grace
as she entered the place
ya, the big boned gal was proud!"

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