Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gay Marriage Passes NYS Assembly!


I'm moving this post up to the top. I just found an article in the New York Blade that puts OUR state Senator, Saland, in the Undecided category....

Here's the article. Click here.

If you did not call him yet, PLEASE DO IT! EVERYONE!!! Gay/Straight/Whatever!



OK, folks, this is it!!!

The NYS Assembly yesterday passed a bill allowing same sex marriage.

It now goes to the NYS Senate and then on to the governor to sign!! WOO-HOO!!

If you do just ONE thing today, email your State Senator and tell him to support gay marriage.

Our State Senator in Hudson is Stephen Saland. Here's his website and contact info.

Click here for his website.

District Office
3 Neptune Road, Suite A19B
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

He's a Republican. It's REALLY important that they hear from us, upstate!

It's also important that he hears from straight people, too! Just pick up the phone and call him, or email him. It'll take five minutes - not even.

Then, they'll be gay marriage in New York State!

Yay! OMG.

Which, I guess is a good idea.....

(Although frankly, I'm not sharing half of my assets with just anyone....he better be loaded - or give REALLY good head! Or, he's signing a pre-nup!)

Oh, l'amour, l'amour!!

Marriage? Be careful what you ask for!
Haven't you seen "The Women"?
You won't find me on a ranch in Nevada, waiting to get divorced!

Send the Senator an email anyway. We'll sort out the divorce issue later!

Love ya,

PS - You know that there's gay civil unions in England, right? Well, there's ONE difference between gay civil unions in England and marriage for straight people. The difference is, for straight people in England, ADULTERY is grounds for divorce. For gay people, it isn't!

I don't need to say anything else...

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