Monday, May 11, 2009

HUGE Hudson Rummage Sale This Weekend!!! Multi-House!

I never realized how much stuff people owned until I came to Hudson!

So much stuff!

Stuff you don't need. Stuff you don't wear. Stuff you're never going to use.

Stuff you store in your basement or attic, or some small version of a house or a barn in your backyard. (The five bedroom house you own for two people just isn't big enough, so you need a secondary house to store more stuff....)

Just stuff.

Sometimes I think this whole town is about re-using and recycling stuff!!

OK - true story - here we go.

Two weekends ago, I had a Stoop Sale. No big whoop.

I took all the stuff out of my basement, and put it on the sidewalk.

(Walmart even sells little colorful dot stickers with prices already on them! You can just take off the sticker with $1 on it, and put it on whatever piece of crap you're selling. This way, even though you're selling stuff on your own, you can still, somehow, give Walmart a buck or two.)

Anyway, I had an Xbox, from who knows when, and a few games with it. Totally works, no problem.

It was an impulse purchase years ago, and it was fun, but now it's sitting in a box in the basement. (Simpson's Road Rage was fun....)

Nowadays, like I have time to play video games....I have parties to plan! Outfits to put together! Commentary to write!

Don't forget about the gardening! Bushes to comments...

I put the Xbox, with all the cables, and the games, out on the sidewalk. It sold within 15 minutes - on my block, where there's so little foot the middle of the day...


I'll take it. Cash. The woman said I was taking her cigarette money. Good.

She was planning on giving the Xbox to her son; it'll keep him entertained for days.


Now there's one less box of crap in my small house!

And, believe this, I made a child happy! Granted, indirectly, but still...

(It's what I do - make people happy - and still manage to make some cash on the deal, at least on a good night....)

I encourage everyone to have a yard sale!! Go to this one! You never know what you might find!

One person's garbage........


Anonymous said...

I just told my boyfriend the story about the xbox and the woman saying it was her cigarette money and his response was "yeah right, she went and sold it for fifty and bought some crack." Oh Hudson.

Trixie said...


And people say that I'm cynical!

I'm Polly-fuckin'-anna compared to your boyfriend!


love ya,


Anonymous said...


You said it.