Thursday, May 21, 2009

If Trixie calls, tell her I'm busy...

I don't know what I've been told, but someone here is getting old.
I don't know what has been said, but someone's face is turning red.

In the past couple of weeks, there's been lots of hubbub about the Democratic Committee endorsement of Scalera.

I went to the meeting where the Dems interviewed the two candidates. You know folks, it is a small town, you can just walk to these meetings, and sit in. Just go and observe or ask questions! There's nothing that stops you! The Dem information is posted here.

One of the questions posed to Scalera was why is he never seen around town? You don't really see him walking up and down Warren Street, you never see him at an art opening or an antique store, or at the corner bar stool of the Red Dot.

Scalera, to his credit, said that that is one area he needs to work on. (Granted, I did not bring my digital audio recorder with me, but there were enough people at the meeting who can vouch for it.)

He said that he is not seen around town because he does not eat out, and that he just "does not have the time".

I thought to myself, 'What? You don't have the time? You made it to the opening of Applebees, and that's not even in Hudson!'

I knew I'd be lampooned at the meeting if I said that, plus, I wanted to get a re-print of the Applebees photo (see above) to prove it. (Thanks, Register-Star, LOVE YOU!)

I mean, c'mon....he's the mayor of a city of around 6,500 people and he does not have TIME to walk up and down the "Main Street" and say "Hello" to the local stores and businesses - which are supplying JOBS and tax money?

It's not about time, it's about priorities and constituent base!

Who are you kidding? I've been to the rodeo!

But, as he said, it's something he's going to work on.

Good. Let's keep him to it.

This Saturday night, is the Trixie's Whorehouse party at Jason's. This is my public invitation.

It's $5 admission, Rick.

There is no guest list, sorry. Just wear white.

I'll tell you what, enter the wet tshirt contest at midnight, and I GUARANTEE that you'll win!

$25 plus two free drinks.

So, you'll walk out of Jason's ahead.

You see, usually, I let Erika, the Book Heiress, choose the winners of the contest....but for this event, if the Mayor of Hudson shows up, I will use my drag queen Costume Contest Override Vote to decide the winner!

That's real power, folks.

Entering the contest is easy, you just have to stand in a kiddie pool in the middle of the dance floor as I pour water on you.

No big whoop.

It's worth $25 and two free drinks, no?

You'd endear yourself to a new slew of Hudson voters!

At Trixie's Whorehouse, you'll find lots of Democrats!!!

(In the REAL whorehouses, THAT'S where you find the Republicans! .......and Spitzer - point taken.)

The party is this Saturday, 10pm, 521 Warren Street - it's right across the street from City Hall, you know where that is.

I'm going to be walking up and down Warren Street on Saturday, promoting. If Scalera's not doing it, then I might just tell the tourists that I'm the mayor!

What would Mayor McCheese do?
Would Mayor McCheese say that he's "too busy" for the residents of McDonaldland?

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