Friday, May 1, 2009

Rain Ponchos

There I am, sitting at Ruby Tuesday's in Niagara Falls, eating my unlimited salad bar, and being all vegan-ish and happy, when I look out the window and in front of one of the many wax museums are tourists in their rain ponchos.

I'm thinking, why are there so many fucking rain ponchos in this town? Maybe everyone's already been on Maid-of-the-Mist, and they all have them and want to re-use them.

Fine, but....

You have other options prior to wearing a rain poncho on the street. They are:
  • Buy an umbrella
  • Just get wet
  • Kill yourself
  • Wear a rain poncho
In that order. Just look at the photo. I mean, c'mon!

Maybe there's an Al Anon-like group for people like me who want to stop other people from wearing rain ponchos. When we get the urge to tell someone to NOT wear a rain poncho, we have to call our sponsor, who tells us:

"Trixie, it's OK. You can't save everyone. Let them make their own mistakes and wear the rain poncho. "


So, I let it go.....kinda.

I walk into the casino and it's great! Lights! Shiny things! Ding Ding Ding! I'm reminded of being in a porn convention in Vegas....without the porn stars. I think I missed Brad Pitt in Niagara Falls by a week or so.

The casino has college students being all macho, little old ladies gambling away their pensions, people who should be saving their money for better hair color, not.

The place is busy, everyone's having a great time gambling! (No one is looking at the Falls).

Statistically, I know they're going to lose their they don't really have...and deep down, they know it, too.

But, right now, they're having fun, and they're happy.


us said...

If you hold a meeting of poncho-non i will come, make the coffee and take the minutes.

MV said...

do you know why you dislike ponchos so much?