Monday, May 11, 2009

Upstate New York - Strongest Housing Markets in the Country!!

This is a photo of downtown Buffalo.
I know, you don't even know what Buffalo looks like.

Ok, yes, I make shit up. Totally.

Reality can be boring. And who wants to read boring?

For instance, I don't watch reality TV.

I'm going to listen to someone bitch and moan about their roommate for an hour? Why? I don't get it.

Sometimes, reality is unbelievable. Like, this article in Forbes magazine about the 25 Strongest Housing Markets in the Country.

Guess where 4 out of the 25 are?

They're in upstate New York; Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany!

Yes. I kid you not. Go fucking figure.

The theory is this....there was never any real boom, so now, there's no real bust.

Basically, I think, these cities are recession-proof because they've been in a recession for the past twenty years!

Whatever doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger.

I guess.

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