Sunday, June 7, 2009

After Bath Splash

Please, stop calling!!

My phone has been ringing, ringing, ringing!

For those of you who know me VERY WELL, you know that I use a little Jean Naté After Bath Splash in the morning. On a lady's more delicate areas, it can put a little perk in your step!

Plus, it washes away the stench of another l-o-n-g Saturday night walking up and down Front Street, hoping to make enough cash for a burrito.

Thank God a new, less expensive burrito place opened in Hudson! Mexican food doesn't come cheap in this town! I work hard for a burrito, chips and salsa, and a frozen margarita!

The things a gal does in Columbia County to make a buck.
"I'll give you an extra ten dollars, Trixie, if you keep the opera-length gloves on!"
"Fine, Jake, I'll do it! But, you're buying me a new pair!"...sobs...

Seriously, kinda...

THIS IS NOT MY DAUGHTER!!! Stop calling me about her!

Click on it and read it.

Sometimes, real life trumps fiction....

...thanks to the little bird who sent me the clipping!


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