Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK --

I saw this flyer yesterday and then it showed up in my mailbox today.

I had no idea what it is.

I was thinking - a band?

It got my attention because there's an image of some hot naked guy jerking off.

But, then, there are also horses drinking beer....so....I got confused.

Is it gay?


Maybe it's straight?

Well...maybe it's that noveau genre of straight men, like the guys from MTV's 'Jackass'? Straight guys who are SO comfortable with the gay thing, that they have no problem hanging around naked with each other, and after a few beers, you know, they might jerk off together watching porn.

They all have girlfriends.

Maybe they'll suck each other off, just to help a friend out, if it's like 5 am, and they're on the road, in some sleazy motel in Lancaster, PA or somewhere.

Or, maybe there's one girl in the motel room, and they're all banging her together - and someone's hand or dick, drifts a little.....and before you know it, it's like a gay porn movie.

I mean, I don't really know, those are just the images that the flyer brought to MY mind from looking at it at the tattoo parlor on Warren and before I walked into the diner three doors down.

The flyer reads that the boundaries between gay and straight are blurred.

Which is probably what they wanted, although, I think that I filled in some of the extra 'blanks' in this blog post, which is probably what they do NOT want.

Who cares?

All publicity is good, as long as they spell your name right.

Here's the band's myspace page. CLICK HERE. You can hear their music.

Here's an article that appeared in Chonogram.

When a band member says:

"I’m into the Jungian archetypal way of thinking."

Then, they think too much.

I mean, I think a lot, too....I just think of different things.

Can someone let me know where the band is staying in Hudson?

I'll show up in drag in their hotel room at 5am, and who knows what'll happen....that'll give them something to write songs about!

Jungian archetypes....HA!




rob said...

I have no idea who this band is, it would have been nice if the credited me for using my farting cowboy image - but it is a cool poster.


Anonymous said...

Honey, your wig is on backwards. The diner is four or five doors UP from the tattoo parlor.

Anonymous said...

"farting cowboy" come to Hudson

Johnny Boombats (aka Art Phage) said...

firstly, to rob clarke:
sorry man didn't mean to rip you off. just a random pic I found on the net. Sorry I had to censor the key elements but you know... but it's a great picture. Hope you can come to the show and don't sue me, I'm just a broke-ass musician with a heart of gold!

Secondly to Trixie, thanks for writing about the flyer. I am not in the Pitchfork Militia but I made the poster for the show. Yeah the boundaries btw gay & straight are blurred, hey it's the 21st century. Let's see... one of the band members is a potter and you should see the beautiful ceramic butt plugs he's made. The other two guys are married, so I guess you could call that slightly gay. Mostly the band is about having a good time however you want to, without being judged. I hope you can relate to that. Also they are friends with Isis Vermouth and probably a couple other Ulster County queens, so it's safe to say we're all among friends.

As for me, well I tend to set off a lot of gaydars so I suppose there might be something I don't know about myself, but I already went through the experimental stage when I was 6. Been there done that, sorry guys. Maybe if I found a BF who could whip me into shape, ha ha good luck with that- I'm a lazy bastard and my poor girlfriend is all the sleazy BJ I need.

Hope you come out to the show tonight, it's gonna be a blast. There will be firetrucks and dildos. No I am not joking.

floopy chooks said...

P.S.: brotha that is an old-ass interview... back when Pete drank! Shit, he was probably half-joking about Jung. Believe me, they aren't exactly "thinkin' music."

Bring your dancin' pants. Oh yeah and we're getting shitfaced after the show at a secret location. Contact the sound guy for info.

Trixie said...

Ceramic Butt Plugs?

Isn't that heavy? Do they stay in? Or, are they just for decoration? Just to have around the house?

You know, I just write stupid shit about things I see around town, and hey, you never know what you find out!

Thanks guys!

email be at trixie@gayhudson.com I'd LOVE to write about the butt plug potter in upstate NY.

Who knew?

Boombats said...

"Ceramic Butt Plugs?

Isn't that heavy? Do they stay in?"

Fucked if I know (no pun intended?)

I'll ask him to bring some samples, but remember,

you breach it, you bought it (pun intended)

Trixie said...


Boombats said...

P.S. The cowboy isn't jacking it- you can see both his hands are free. But he is busting a nut and farting a brown cloud.

Trixie said...


Just tell the ceramic butt plug guy to email me.