Thursday, June 4, 2009

Art Opening June 6th

Click on the image, make it bigger, and read it.

There's another art opening Saturday, June 6th, from 6-8 - Deffebach - down on Warren Street - like all the way the fuck down on Warren Street, like 135 Warren.

The prostitutes won't even go down that far.

Click on the image above and read the flier. I haven't even read it.

As you already know, I'm not crazy about "art".

I mean, if you want to buy it, buy it. Don't let me stop you.

Pay the sales tax so that it goes into the city coffers, which means less money that I'll have to pay for the police and fire departments.

Girlfriends, let's talk....

Have you ever dated an artist?

How many Starbucks coffee dates have I sat listening to these "artists" (pretending that I'm interested) as they tell me about their life, their art, their this, their that.

Do they ever ask, "Hey, Trixie, how are YOU doing today?"


Gals - if this blog serves ANY purpose, if the past two and a half years and countless hours of me whittling away at my computer amount to anything - please, take my advice.

Beware of these "artists".

Go to the openings, drink the free wine, if they fall in love with you and give you some of their art, take it.

You might need to sell it later....a gal's gotta eat.

But, do yourself a favor....

Find a good guy - with a decent stable job - who treats you right, and can pay his own bills. Someone who's happy being with just you; someone who thinks you're wonderful.

He may not be the prettiest or the most fabulous, or the richest or smartest, but he's a good, reliable guy with a good heart.

He's the keeper.

Love ya,


Louie Monkey-Pest said...

What? You are not working the word "Deffeback Gallery" into your article? Tsk, tsk, Trixie, you are slipping, girl.

Trixie said...

Done. Thanks.