Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fleshlight - MADE IN THE USA!!

Living in upstate New York, watching one factory close after another, you begin to think that ALL manufacturing has moved out of the country.


It's just that DIFFERENT things are made in the USA, nowadays, like the FLESHLIGHT.

Watch this video, you'll get the idea:

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Just click on the image, to order one.

You see, you have to think OUTSIDE of the box, if you want to get ahead. You can get a Fleshlight that looks like a vagina as well.

Just click on this image to order a fake vagina.

Fleshlights are the number one selling sex toy for men....in the world!!

Wouldn't it be great if they were manufactured here in Hudson?

We would have an increase in the tax base, people would have jobs. Everyone would be making money!

I don't see a problem.

This town has a bawdy past....I don't see why not make Fleshlights?

What? You're going to be picky about which industry moves here?

How much fun is it to make humidifiers?


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