Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Trixie Starr Calling....

"Hello, Albany? It's Trixie Starr calling...."

Someone asked me if I was going to endorse Scalera for Mayor.


Listen, if I endorsed every Hudson politician - Supervisor, Alderman, or clerk - with whom I've had relations, then my political viewpoint would be all over the map!!!

Think about what it would do to my credibility!

....not to mention, business!

(Making sure that one politician doesn't know about the other is a challenge in itself!!)

I'm telling you right now....

I LOVE LIFE!!! Every breath of it!

Trixie Starr, in the morning, after two cups of coffee...

This is me before the coffee.

I love waking up to a gentle car horn blaring, or the soothing sounds of screaming children outside my window; or those breezy summer nights of fighting and yelling.

If they ever find me OD'd in the lavender boudoir of the 'Trixie Chalet', it's NOT because I committed suicide!! Never!

It's because,

'That Hudson gal! That floosy! That Trixie Starr! She KNEW TOO MUCH!'

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