Friday, June 5, 2009

RIVER PRIDE in Catskill!!

A little girl, by the name of Virginia, asked me,

"Trixie, why did Catskill beat Hudson to a gay pride parade?"

The answer, Virginia, is one word: Lesbians.

Catskill has more lesbians, that's why they're better organized.

More lesbians live in Catskill than in Hudson. Now, I don't have an official count, the census results are not in, but in my estimate, Catskill is more outdoorsy, less 'la-di-dah', there's a Home Depot AND a Lowe', of course there are more lesbians living there.

Lesbians know how to organize!

Gay men can throw parties. We'll put up some decorations, hire a DJ, slap on a wig and some lipstick, and we'll have a party.

I can put together the best fucking party between Poughkeepsie and Albany before my second cup of coffee!

But - when it comes down to notifying the local police, and getting together sound equipment, and tables and chairs, and FORMS to fill out - ugh - I can't even think anymore -----

That's when you call in the lesbians.

Let them do it. They're good at it.

And let's talk about SINGLE lesbians!

Single lesbians - lesbians that aren't obsessing over their current girlfriend (of two weeks) - are DYNAMOS!

This diagram shows the inner mechanisms of a single lesbian. Fascinating.

One single lesbian has the organizational power of fifty gay men!

That's your answer, Virginia.

Plus, you should go, because I'll be selling Tupperware at Riverpride! For real real.

I haven't made any money (legally) by Catskill Creek in a while.

Click on for more details!

See ya there!



Anonymous said...

Check out
There is more info there for anybody interested in coming to and participating in RIVER PRIDE.
Loved the blog.
Most Sincerely,
Mary D
Organizing Lesbian

Trixie said...

Gotcha, Mary D!

Good luck!

I'll be there! Bells, boots, and Tupperware!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lesbian Mary,

Where's the gazabo?

WHAT'S a gazabo?


Yours Truly.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL - the "after hours party" is at 6:00 pm!

Trixie said...

THANK GOD lesbians are putting together the Pride March and not some bitter queens!

I don't know what a 'gazabo' is, but I do know what a 'Gazabozo' is - an Israeli-Palestinian clown!

Just go and have some pride!

Happy Pride!

Anonymous said...

The lazebos did a grate job