Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What to do this weekend!

Isis Vermouth performs this Friday - 9pm at Doubles II in Catskill!

This is going to be a FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS weekend -- as long as it doesn't rain!

This Friday night, see the Drag King and Drag Queen show at Doubles II! 29 Church St in Catskill. I'm putting together a mob of angry Hudsonians to storm the village of Catskill, pillage and plunder its inhabitants, and take the fair maidens - if they have any left.

Just like the old days!

I've seen Isis perform and she's excellent!!!

Just go, it's only $5. Why not? What else are you doing?

On Saturday, it's River Pride in Catskill. Click here for all details.

Stop by and say Hi, I'll be selling Tupperware. Yes, I'll be selling Tupperware....

Actually, I think I'm now the ONLY Tupperware Consultant in Columbia AND Greene Counties.

That's right, kiddos! It's true.

You think you can piss me off, huh?

You think you can just pick me up, bring me home, expect me to blow you and then not call the next day?

Well, listen, Mr. So-Proud-of-Himself,

You just try to buy some Tupperware in this county.

I dare you.

You want good plastic? You have to go through Trixie Starr now.

Damn right.

I've clawed my way to the top of the Tupperware chain!

You're all like, "Oh, Trixie, I love you, you're so great...."

Then you treat me like you OWN me or something.


Listen loser, go buy yourself some cheap-ass Rubbermaid crap at Walmart for all I care.

That's right. Who's on top now?

So, I better see your ass at Gay Pride in Catskill on Saturday!

This is actually a really good product. You'll totally use it this summer.

If you can't make it to Catskill, then come by Sunday to my Tupperware Party at pm wine bar - help celebrate their one year anniversary!

Happy Gay Pride, Hudson Valley!


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