Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Five-Year-Old Girls and Musty Chiffon

"Trixie, you don't update your blog enough! Do you have writer's block?"


There's so much for me to write about, I'm backlogged. (Today's post is an amalgam of posts running in my head, so it may not make sense.)

Plus, if I ever don't have something to write about, I just open up the Register-Star, there's always a good story!

For instance, in yesterday's paper, the Hudson police arrested three sex offenders. One was arrested for lifting up a five-year-old girl's dress and touching her inappropriately.

People complain about not getting enough sex in Hudson, but not the five-year-old girls!

The lack of sex in Hudson seems to be ONLY among consenting adults.

If you were a five-year-old girl in Hudson, you'd get hit on all the time!

Meanwhile, I have to leave town to get a fucking date.

Maybe there's a reason why she was called "Baby Jane HUDSON"
Maybe this five-year-old girl thing goes way back.

You know it's been a long time since you've gotten any when you read an article about sex offenders and you wonder,

"Yeah, but, were they cute?"

Probably not.

Here's the list of sex offenders in town, just click here. Type in our infamous zip code, and see for yourself. All the information is out there, all I did was a google search on 'sex offenders in New York'. Boom, done.

From sex offenders to Musty Chiffon....make sure you catch Hudson's own at Spiegeltent next Thursday, July 30th.

You can reserve your tickets here.

People ask me, "Do you and Musty get along?"

I say, "Yeah, why?"

There's a premise that Hudson just can't be big enough for two drag queens (and the assortment of other social misfits in this town).

You see, it is true that the latest Mrs. Roper Poll states that the drag queen per capita ratio is somewhere around one drag queen per 20,000 people.

Which Hudson - of only 6,000 people - clearly has its fair share of gay men, drag queens, trannies, cross-dressers, and lesbians galore!

Since Hudson is such a gay-ish town, it can support it.

I mean, look around you. Even the straight people in Hudson are kinda gay!

Hudson is filled with bossy gals and sensitive guys - all heteros! Put these heteros in Nutley, New Jersey, and they'd wither and die. But, in Hudson, they flourish! They run businesses, they run for office...they run this place!

It's all wonderful!

Going back to Musty and I, we do different things.

Musty performs, I write a blog and sell Tupperware.

Career options for drag queens over the past twenty years have expanded. We are no longer competing for the same dollar bill.... waved in front of us on a stage.

It's a bigger drag-queen-economic pie.

If you hear any drag queen drama between Musty and myself over the bar at the Red Dot, then really we're just making shit up for publicity. It sells tickets.

The real story is that there is no story.


That's all I got for now.


Oh yeah, it looks like I might be baking more stuff 'from Trixie's Oven' for PARLOR, (formerly the Muddy Cup), and look for a BINGO night at the wine bar pm on Tuesday, the 21st, and a Tupperware Party at Clear Massage next weekend, the 25th.

I got a lot going on. I'm busy.

PLUS, later this week, you'll see the first installment of my new VIDEO segment, "Trixie Means Business". It's my own way of promoting local businesses in this town.

Love ya,



Diego said...

Do more polls, they r fun.
Your post gave me flashbacks of Jon Benet Ramsey. Who did it?

Anonymous said...

So if Musty is Baby Jane Hudson, is Trixie Blanche Hudson?

But you ARE, Blanche! You ARE!

Anonymous said...

At the July 27th meeting of the Mid-Hudson Valley Transgender Association (MHVTA) the owner of Serendipity Hair Studio Red Hook, NY will join us to provide hands-on practice for hairdressing and makeup application. Bring goodies and soda to share at the meeting. This meeting is open to MHVTA & LGBTQ Center members and visitors.

The LGBTQ Community Center at 300 Wall St. in Kingston welcomes the return of the MHVTA for their second summer of meetings here. The meetings are the last Monday of the month and start at 8:00 PM, but dressing rooms are available at 7:00 PM.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the July 27th meeting of the Mid-Hudson Valley Transgender Association tonight - free practice hairdressing and makeup application for all.