Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mark Eitzel at Jason's on Sunday, July 19th - 8PM $10 cover

Ok --

Here's the deal....

I am so out of touch with today's music scene. I have no idea what people are listening to or why.

And I don't really care that much, either.

All I care about is that at my party, people dance on the dance floor, and buy alcohol.

They could be dancing to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, as long as they pay the cover at the door and their bar tab, I'm happy.

Anyway, there's this musician playing at Jason's on Sunday night, Mark Eitzel.

I don't know who he is, but he seems pleasant enough.

From what I've heard, he's a cock-sucker, so he gets points in my book.

Sorry, I meant to say, he's "openly gay"....that's more PC.

Here's his video and a description from a press release below.

Now, this is what I think......

You should just go. Why?

1) Support local culture.
2) What the fuck else are you doing? I mean, really?
3) This guy has some nice, smooth sounding lyrics. Bring someone to the show that you're digging. Get them drunk, take them home and have messy, drunken sex with them.

After watching his video, I think an evening with Mark Eitzel could be a good sexual lubricant. This way, you can get a nice piece of drunken ass later on, in the night, at 4 am.

And who knows, maybe when you wake up on Monday morning, you can have somewhat better sex with whomever, after, of course, the two of you brushed your teeth.

Morning sex is not good with morning breath.

That's all I got.

Love ya,

Although chosen for its deliberately nondescript qualities, in retrospect the name American Music Club was the perfect moniker for the lauded San Francisco-based band led by singer/songwriter Mark Eitzel: over the course of seven acclaimed albums, the group tied together the disparate strands of the American musical fabric — rock, folk, country, punk, even lounge schmaltz — into a remarkably distinct and riveting whole, creating a brilliant and cohesive body of work dappled by moments of haunting beauty and impenetrable darkness.

Although born in California, Eitzel spent his formative years in Great Britain and Ohio before returning to the Bay Area in 1980 with the punk band the Naked Skinnies. After the band’s break-up, he founded American Music Club in 1983 with guitarist Vudi, bassist Dan Pearson, keyboardist Brad Johnson and drummer Matt Norelli. Despite the skill and diversity of the other members, Eitzel quickly became the group’s focal point: an evocative vocalist and gutter poet capable of composing songs of disquieting honesty and intensity.

Jason's Upstairs Bar is extremely proud to present an evening of hauntingly raught pop that some might say falls between the despair of The Czars, the melodic twists of Ivy and the pop sensibilities of Coldplay.


Trixie said...

I used the phrase, "that you're digging" which is a colloquialism that I don't use in my standard parlance.

I used it because I thought about,

"that you want to have sex with"
"that you have the hots for"

Both of the two other expressions would leave me with a dangling preposition, so I stuck with "that you're digging", even though it's so not me.

Trixie said...

ps -

"cock-sucker" I use all the time.