Sunday, September 13, 2009


True story...mostly..

I called my "girlfriend", Bitz, and met for a cup of coffee and raspberry tart at Verdigris.

"So, Trix, how'd the date go last night?"

"Oh, Bitz....I'm going to be a single gal for a while...."

"Girl, what happened?"

"Well, he met all the minimum requirements - job, car, place to live - and seemed like a decent, hard-working blue collar-type."

"That type works for me."

"For almost two hours, Bitz, NOT ONE question about me. Like, what I do for fun, my life, nothing!"


"Bitz, I know his entire medical history.....and every medical condition in his immediate family! Bitz, is it too much to ask to NOT talk about cancer on the first date?"

"Oh, girl...."

"I mean, Bitz, unless I'm dating an oncologist, or we're meeting at the coffee shop at Sloan Kettering, the word 'lymphoma' shouldn't really come up on first date, should it?"

"Girlfriend....I'm so sorry. Well, was he cute?"

"Yeah, he was cute, that's the sad part. I mean, maybe I should just use him for sex. He's simple. I could easily tell him what to do and he'll do it."

"Well, that could work, no?"

"It could, I guess. Until I get bored and then bite his head off and eat him alive - like the rest of them."

"Oh well, Trix. Let's go out and do something fun this week!"

"Sounds like a plan, Bitz."

Boys come and go, but when you find a good "gal pal" who listens to the stories.......just as important.

Thanks to all my girlfriends, biological gals and otherwise....

Love you,


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