Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parties - pm, Red Dot, Jason's

Ok, so everyone is asking me what I'm going to be for Halloween.

Don't I get dressed up enough, folks?

Can't I just go out in jeans and a tshirt?

I had this one guy, who had not seen me out of drag say, "Wow....I didn't know it was you, Trixie, I thought you'd be taller."

"Oh, well, I'm not wearing heels."

"That's it!"

Thanks, fella.

I wear sunglasses in drag so that people don't see me rolling my eyes.

Gio is going to be spinning at the Red Dot tomorrow night.......and he might actually play some music!

Gio will be spinning....get it?
(I've used that joke before on this blog, but it still cracks me up.)

So, this is the plan, Stan...

First go to the pre-party at pm. Aaron will be the bartender.

Aaron will be bar tending at pm. He can make you a drink, a dress, or a scarf.

Then, go to the Red Dot for their party, "Zombie Zoo".

Why "Zombie Zoo"? Why not TV sitcom night?

Jason's is doing a party as well. Go to all three -- then stumble home.

DJ Mr Chips will be the anchor breaking down the usual run of soulful breaks, mash ups and party favs.

And warming up the night will be DJ T-Bone. To sweeten the deal we've joined forces with Chatham Brewers who will be offering not only cheap drinks but also some great prizes for best costumes.

And if you happen to be the GORIEST in the house that night, DA | BA Restaurant has generously offered a prize gift certificate of $50 toward a meal at their incredible restaurant.

A crew is in place that plans to convert the 2nd floor into a whole new festival of frights.

$10 tickets

Come out and celebrate the freak in you, our birthday and whatever else you want!

When people ask me why I live in Hudson, I tell them,

"Well, it's a small town, I can go out drinking, and then stumble home."

The drunks totally understand and don't ask any other questions.

I don't have to get into the architecture, proximity to New York City, artistic community....


It's a small town, you can go out drinking all night long, and walk home.

Done. Move to Hudson.

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