Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's all about the FIFTH Ward this election in Hudson!!

The Edith Masey Center for Change.
"Oh Gator, I wish you were a Democrat!
The life of a Republican is a SICK and BORING life!

If you've walked down Warren Street lately, I'm sure you've noticed, on that empty-ish building on Warren and Fifth, there's a sign that reads, "Time for Change".

And I was thinking...

Change? What change?

The mayor is running unopposed, so what's gonna change? Over the past two years, the city has lost hundreds of jobs, and what's going on with the waterfront and the truck route? Those issues pop up every year it seems.....

BUT - listen -

The change is in the 5th Ward!

And you're thinking, "What does that mean, Trixie? And why should I care?"

OK - here's the deal...

Have you ever been to a Hudson Common Council Meeting? You should go. Seriously. Just go. Go to one of the informal or formal meetings, that's when the council votes on stuff.

The council votes are weighted - that means that some council members votes count more than others.

The biggest district in this city is the Fifth Ward - the area North of Warren and East of Fifth Street.

The fifth ward council person's votes are worth more than some other member's votes combined.

It's based on population. Years ago, when there were more families and apartments on Warren and Front Streets, the area next to the river had more voting power, but not anymore.

There's a guy running in the Fifth Ward, David Frank, and that's the change we need. Just click on the link and you'll read the post.

I agree with the "Register-Star" on this one.

You know that when the "Register-Star" and - the two main media outlets for this city - agree, then it's BIG!

"What's the matter with the current Fifth ward council members, Miss Trixie?" do I put this?

Let's just say they don't come to my events....and leave it at that.

Not even my BINGO nights.

If you want my endorsement fellas, then come to a Trixie party.

Hey, the Hudson firemen show up - and I'm very supportive of them!


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Trixie,

I wish you would write a book - I simply love your 'style' - relish every word - and pic

Anonymous said...

Every Word I've Ever Uttered is to be Taken as a Royal Proclamation!