Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where in Hudson??

Contest time. Free Trixie Whorehouse t-shirt!!!

Now, the Register-Star was running a contest recently. They would show you a piece of a fence and you had to guess which fence.

This is kinda like that.

But, there are TWO parts to this contest. You must get BOTH correct.

1) In the comments section of this blog, tell me WHERE you can find this image. Yes, it's in Hudson.

2) Tell me WHAT it SHOULD say. Or, what it means.

Good luck.



Red Chopstick.

Yes, the sign can be found there. Mr. Lick got it.

My GUESS is that the sign SHOULD read:

"Different season. Same good mood."

That would make more sense. I think they got the word, "Dissimilar" because they used some bad translation software.

That's what I think.



Mr Lick said...

The poster has to be in the window of Red Chopstick. It's something they must have printed off of
it makes not sense...just like the stuff on Engrishfunny.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy one. I tried a bubble milk tea and it was one of the worst food/drink selections I've made in approximately 12 years and 3 months. The "tapioca balls" are like squishy shrunken eyeballs. Ask Alana and Denise from Red Dot about it.