Sunday, November 1, 2009

La La La

If you click on it, you'll be able to read it all...

I know what you're going to think....

Trix, what the fuck? Don't you have something else to do?

You're going to think that at the end of this blog post. You're right...but...

I have two options....either I can upload all those Halloween photos to this blog, which takes FOREVER (because I have to do them individually), or I can write about something that annoys me.

Guess which option I'm going to choose?

Here we go...

There I was, at the gym this morning (it was empty, day after Halloween - surprise, surprise), and I stopped to read that free news/arts/whatever paper call "Our Town".

'Let me take a break and read this quaint publication. La La La.'

That's what I was thinking. La La La.

I'm reading it, and in the back is a little story on our city of Hudson.

How sweet, I thought, let me see what "Our Town" has to say about Hudson, page 52, Fall 2009 - The Columbia County Tourism Issue.

La La La. I'm reading.

The beginning of the article is fine, all good press and publicity.

Then I read this one sentence.....and I was like....hmmmm.....

"Should you be inclined to stay forever, the plethora of available buildings, fine amenities, low rents, and big spaces, the laid-back atmosphere, the not inconsiderable nightlife, the diversified community, and the chance that your vote can actually make a difference, add up, as many have discovered, to an engaging and not illogical alternative to life in the Big Apple (only two hours away, after all) at greatly reduced overhead."

'What's wrong with that, Trixie?' you may ask.

First of all, it's a run-on sentence. No big whoop. That's fine.

It's the two double negatives that get me.

"not inconsiderable nightlife" and "not illogical alternative".

It's good to know that all of my countless hours of effort putting together events for Hudson (and everyone else who does it, too!!) is considered by "Our Town" to be a not inconsiderable nightlife.

Thanks, fella. I guess I should be happy.

Or, should I say, not unhappy?

Why use double negatives? Why not just say "active nightlife" or "viable alternative"?

By using double negatives, is the author trying to refute a premise that Hudson has an inconsiderable nightlife?


Remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity, as long as they spell your (domain) name right.

La La La.


Anonymous said...

I think the writer was trying too hard to impress us with his "wonderful, intelligent writing skills." He really meant to praise Hudson, but screwed up using the double negative. Another Artsy-Fartsy wanna-be!

Jo said...

Suprised that the editor/publisher/owner of the mag missed it. Except that the author is co-owner I think. However, you can check out the "Sea To Sea" article - authored (first publicized article ever) by oh, me. Substantial editing done w/that one.