Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday - Deffebach Art Opening or Fat Guys with Back Hair --- You Decide!

I know guys who belong to TWO gyms in Manhattan.

One gym, they use for their serious work outs, the other more fashionable gym, was used just to walk around, look good, and meet guys.

They spent at about $200/month on gym memberships. More, if you include classes and accessories.....and protein drinks.

(There were various forms of PROTEIN DRINKS at these gyms, if you know what I mean....)

The point of working out six days/week is to be able to go to Fire Island and look glamorous.

Then, I moved upstate.

Little did I know that Albany has the third largest BEAR scene in the country! There was even a Logo special.

Here's the banner for Bear Albany. It's this weekend. Saturday is Bear Hugs night at Rocks, 77 Central Avenue.

For legal reasons, (maybe), they don't show the guy's faces in the ad....but their hairy backs, fine.

These guys don't worry about their gym memberships - even at the local Planet Fitness, which is $100 for an ENTIRE YEAR!

The last Bear Albany night I went to there were FREE Little Debbie snack cakes and hot dogs. You need to feed the Bears.

The Albany Bears are happy folk. They love to drink, eat and party.

Plus, there are plenty of thin twinkee, boys siding up to the Bears, who want some big "Bear Love".

....and Bears LOVE Twinkees - in all forms!

At Bear Albany parties, I feel thin and pretty! So, that's where I'll be Saturday night....Bear Albany! YAY!

If you don't want to go to Albany, then you can stay in Hudson and go to yet another art opening and try to put some intellectual meaning behind oil on canvas. There's one happening at the Deffebach Art Gallery, 135 Warrren St, on Saturday, November 7th from 6-8pm. Click on the image at top of the blog post and get the information.

You can stand back looking at art and drink some free wine - while I'll out partying with da Bears!


If you don't want to travel an hour to see fat guys with back hair, then I'm sure that something can be arranged for you here in Hudson.

Bears gotta eat - and Trixie is bringing her cream puff!

Have fun.



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