Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Strong Smurfin' Coffee

This is one of Abel's works on display.

There's yet another artsy-fartsy reception in town on Friday.



Thing is, I actually like Abel's artwork, because it's simple and gets to the point.

This exhibit is called "Smurfette vs. Farrah". I get it.

I don't have to listen to some pretentious art snob 'explain' the meaning of the piece. I usually just smile at them and nod politely.

Thank you, Mr. Art Snob, for your post-modern, deconstructionist theories,
but since I've noticed you have a flat ass, I've stopped listening.

Let's take this opportunity to talk about the Smurfs.

For instance, why was there only ONE Smurfette?

Is the fact that there was only one Smurfette a feminist issue?

What would Gloria Steinem say about "Smurfette"?

What would Gloria Grahame say about "Smurfette"?

What would Gloria Bunker say about "Smurfette"?

Were all the rest of the Smurfs gay or did Smurfette get gang-banged every Friday and Saturday night?

I vote for all the Smurfs being gay.

Well....we have all seen that one straight gal at a party filled with gay men, right?

I guess that's what Smurfette's life was like - the pretty straight gal at a party of gay men - everyone having a smurfin' good time!


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being the lone straight girl...but, let's not forget Sassette.

Trixie said...


I googled Sassette Smurf, and yes, she does smurfingly exist.

BUT --

She did not wear a dress like Smurfette, but overalls....

What the Smurf?

Anonymous said...

She knew she couldn't compete with the Blonde.