Monday, December 7, 2009

Photos from Toga Party!

Hi --

I know, I know....

I haven't updated in over a week. People are complaining.

One of my pet peeves is when people talk about something, but they aren't really saying anything.....

I try to only update when I actually have someone to say. You know, something important, like complaining about a magazine article. Something like that!

Plus, I've been planning events here in town up the wazoo. I have two film nights happening on New Year's DAY!!!! The other is the Tuesday between Christmas and New Year's.

New Year's Day, 5pm, Space 360. $20 dinner and a movie. Nothing else is open. You should come. It's going to be a special Happy New Year's good luck dinner. It's a southern thing with black eye peas. I don't really know what it is, I'm not from the south.

......unless you consider the south shore of Long Island the south....

AND - I'm working on a CASINO night in Hudson in January!!! I'm trying to bring VICE back to this town.

(you play for prizes....and we're going to have sexy cocktail waiters/waitresses, if it all works out...)

I'm considering a career in politics, as president of my bowling league. So, that campaign has keep me busy, too.

I've decided to take over a Schenectady bowling alley...because...well...they need help. And more drag queens need to run for office, any office.

I told them, ask anyone in Hudson, they'll tell you that "Trixie makes the trains run on time".

(except of course, Amtrak, coming from anywhere other than Albany....there's no hope there, I tried. )

Ok, here are some Toga photos, from Abel.

There are SO many. I will post the rest tomorrow.

I'm off to BALTIMORE today! omg. I'll post photos. If you know of any fun spots in Baltimore, please let me know!

A drag queen can change a whole town.



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