Friday, February 5, 2010

RED Party at the RED Dot!!

GIO and I are continuing our nights of debauchery, now at the Red Dot - which is used to debauchery anyway....

Sat - Feb. 13 - 10 pm

RED Party at the RED Dot!

Wear Red.

It's a $10 cover (no discounts, sorry), but you DO get a free drink.

It's a new era for Trixie's Whorehouse!!!

This party marks our second anniversary! We started two years ago!

People ask me how long I've been a drag queen, and I tell them about two and half years.

They are amazed.

"Trixie" did not exist prior to Hudson. Trust me, I had NO intention of being a drag queen when I bought my little house in this town - I was just looking for another tax deduction!

Anyway, people think that I've been doing drag forever.

I guess I'm a "natural".

I don't know if that's good or bad.

Well.....Watch this video, I love it!

(Gio and I made a video to promote the party, I'll have it done by this weekend.....I have now SO many Trixie videos to think it's easy doing drag, huh? It's a full time gig!)

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